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Dear New Members of Personas of the Tropics!


We are so excited to share Our New Vision and to offer you as a Member, a New Path of Bonding, Establishing Trusting Relationships, and Collectively Creating a Safe Place.


We as a Company have chosen to Create a Plethora of Inspiring Workshops, Seminars, Delectable Dining, Holistic Treatments, Mini-Weekend Getaways, Top Shelf Entertainment, Passion Projects, Wine Tastings, and Mystery Nights.


Our Unique Methodology of Meeting Socially will Eliminate Bars, Anxiety, Antiquated Websites that are futile in meeting Quality People. We are Returning to an Old-school Era with Face to Face Communication and in the process Evolving of Our Past Experiences.


Personas of the Tropics is devoted to weekly customized events that foster Collaboration and Conversation.


Our selection of Philanthropic Programs, Stimulating Workshops, and Innovative Activities will Energize, Encourage, and Motivate You to Participate in a New Social Lifestyle.


We will Regain our Vitality, Vigor, Zest, and Be Euphorically Frozen in Time, through our Arts, Entertainment and Wellness Programs. In the process, We will Revive Positive Memories and Recapture the Innocence of our Past.


This is YOUR Personal Invitation to Reinforce the Fundamental Values of Boundless Connection.

Introductory Price of $199 for the first 90 Days!


Warmest Regards,

Susan Clark - President

J.R. Hellman - Chief Executive Officer